I'm an ambitious creative seeking to be the best version of myself

hallo! NIce to meet you!

Hey there! I'm Philip Rempel, a 17-year-old German-Canadian based in Germany. From a young age, I've always had a passion for creativity. Whether it was building Lego or drawing cars and architecture. Over the past few years, I've been working hard to develop my skills as a graphic designer. I've completed many projects, worked with numerous clients, and even interned and then worked at a graphic design agency. Through all these experiences, I've become an organized and disciplined person who believes in goal-oriented work and structured routines. Yet, I also recognize the importance of having processes in place that allow my creativity and ingenuity to soar to new heights.

When I'm not designing, I love to spend my time exploring my adventurous side with extreme sports and outdoor activities. But, at the same time, I also find joy in the quiet moments of working away on my projects, always striving to do the best I can.

Looking ahead, I have big dreams and even bigger plans. I want to make a name for myself, not only in the design industry but also in other fields that I intend to branch out to. With my love for problem-solving and creativity, I believe that anything is possible.

Ah, yes. here is a picture of my face. Sorry if I blinded you with my good looks*
*obviouse sarcasm intensifies

character traits


Ever since I was born, I have been making things. Lego was my passion growing up, and I would do nothing else all day for years. Coming up with new things and making things every day trained my creativity from day one. I also love to draw and sketch. All of these things led to me being a very creative and visually thinking person.


I never wanted to live a normal life. I never wanted to go down the path that has been trodden on so often before. My goal is to be the best at the things I love to do. I was lucky enough to find out what I love early on, so now I can already put in maximum effort into making my dreams and plans become a reality.


I do what I love. When I work on projects, whether for clients or for myself, I like to fully immerse myself in the thing that I'm making, and I get lost in the creative process as I work for hours on end. I live for the moments when I am completely fulfilled by what I have made. I call these moments "creative ecstasy."


The past few years, I have developed my own custom systems and methods to stay organized and productive. For instance, I designed my own to-do list system, habit trackers, and Notion templates. I want to make my environment and workflow as streamlined as possible so that I can concentrate on the creative task at hand.


I've long been a person who struggled with procrastination and laziness. I realized that when it comes to creativity, 50% is having the discipline to execute ideas. To finally unlock my full potential, I started implementing new habits into my day to strengthen my mind to be able to push through stretches of unmotivation and creative block.



01. adobe illustrator

02. adobe photoshop

03. webflow

04. adobe xd


06. Adobe premiere pro

07. Adobe InDesign


-Brand identity design

-Packaging Design

-Logo design

-Poster design

-Web design

-(Other visual solutions and assets)

MY strengths

My strengths lie in the area of complex problem-solving and design, especially in developing unique typographical solutions and intricate visual systems. Additionally, I have a talent for generating powerful creative solutions and innovative ideas.

My T-skill

To be able to get into the position I am now, I had to teach myself not only graphic design but a whole host of other skills and learn a lot about topics outside of the design world. Although I don't offer these as a service, I have a broad range of skills that allow me to better help and understand my clients' problems. Additionally, it allows me to collaborate with creatives from other industries. My skills range from drawing, web development, videography, editing, marketing, to animation and architecture.

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